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 Cost of Dropping Trees

How we figure out the cost of a project

Consulting with Kenai Peninsula Tree Service before starting a tree project will help you understand all the details and costs.

Dropping small trees without any obstructions

These are easy because we don't have to worry about knocking over a fence, hitting a house or damaging property. In these situations we can drop the tree usually within an hour. If that's all you need us to do,  the cost will be approximately $100 before taxes.

Dropping Larger Trees that have the potential to cause damage to property.

When we have to pull the tree using various techniques and/or have to climb the tree to remove hazardous branches, this takes time and has the potential to cause property damage. We're insured, so if something goes wrong you're covered...but all these areas add to the cost of the project. In this situation the tree can cost $150 to $700 to get the tree to the ground.

Removing large trees that are leaning heavily toward a house.

Cottonwood trees are beautiful trees but are the most difficult to remove.  These trees, and huge Spruce trees, can be very time consuming to get to the ground.  These type of projects may involve the use of heavy equipment, and take multiple days to drop. No matter who you choose to do the work it's going to cost you $400 or more. We are very competitive with other companies so give us a call and we'll give you a free quote.